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Dr. Caden Lim, DMD, MPH


Reviews for Gayle Wood, DDS, taken from three review websites:

500 South Sepulveda Boulevard
Suite 306
Manhattan Beach, CA  90266

I have been a patient of Dr. Wood for the past thirteen years. I originally came to her office due to periodontal issues of receding gum tissues and teeth that were loose. During this time, I have had teeth extracted, implants, and reconstructive gum/tissue surgery.  All of my procedures were accomplished successfully and with the utmost professional and caring treatment.  Their office has the very latest equipment and periodontal procedures.  Dr. Wood and her staff are very impressive in their knowledge and professionalism in treating patients.  They make you feel like you are a member of their family. 
Due to the treatments I have received, my periodontal problems are arrested.  I continue to visit her office every three months for teeth cleaning and exams. 
The prognosis for me is I will keep the remainder of my teeth for a long time, thanks to the care of Dr. Wood and her staff.                                                                                     Jim E.



Dr. Wood is the perfect find! Periodontal surgery and oral implants are not exciting topics for me as I tend to be quite nervous and skeptical in what really needs to be done. Dr. Wood is extremely caring and kind. When I asked what options I had, she was very informative and did not pressure me to do anything that was NOT necessary. She went through the details carefully so that I can be comfortable in making my decision. She has lovely place with great hygienists and staff. It was worth every penny! I've heard so many great things about her and I'm soooooo glad I went. Dr. Wood made my smile the way I always wanted it!!                                                                                                        Veronica Parks





I went to see Dr Woods for deep cleanings, i was sooooooo nervous! After the cleaning she said I needed surgery. Dr Woods made me feel so comfortable and she talked me threw the whole thing, It was something about hre voice........ She is an amazing doc and if I had to do it again I would go back to see her!

                                                                                                                       Vangie -






I have been a patient of Dr. Wood for at least 15 years for both periodontal procedures and oral implants. The results for both procedures have been nothing but outstanding. Follow up care and oral maintenance program is first class. The office environment is also first rate with a warm and caring staff which provides a relaxing and calming environment. Don't think you can get better care anywhere in  the South Bay.                                                                                                              







I had my tooth removed by Dr.Wood and after a few months she planced an implant. My healing went good it was pain free. She was very caring and professional, I highly recommend her to everyone.        Jasmine




I've been going to Dr. Wood for years now. Very professional staff and great hygenist in the office. Dr. Wood is extremely professional, warm and caring. I strongly recommend her and her office to everyone.                                                                                                        jtod61






"Dr. Gayle Wood was recommended by my excellent dentist. She is wonderful in every way. Painless, professional, knowledgeable, and caring. I recommend Dr. Wood without reservation. I had extractions, and extensive gum surgery and she was amazing. We live in Hermosa Beach and Palm Springs. She is worth the drive from anywhere!                                                                                Sharon 


I am a 30+ year resident of Manhattan Beach. It has been comforting to know that for over two decades Dr. Wood has always been there when I needed her. She has expertly performed several surgeries on me and other members of my family.
She is the consummate professional, always explaining in advance what she will be doing and following up with personal phone calls to assure that I am comfortable. I have always been amazed at the minimal amount of pain I have experienced, even after complicated surgery. Her skills, demeanor, and caring attitude are outstanding. It is great to have such an experienced professional I can count on. I highly recommend Dr. Wood.                                                                                            Steve S.

I had an implant placed by Dr.Wood, the procedure went great and pain free all my worries for nothing. She was very kind and helpful with any questions i had,  I was highly satisfied with my results and now I have a beautiful smile.                                                                                                       Amy N.

I needed a extraction ASAP. I went to Dr. Wood's and it went great. It was a great experience during the procedure I felt nothing I was super numb! After I had no pain. The staff was wonderful as well they answered all my question. 


I had a really shining experience with Dr. Gayle Woods.  I was so nervous and she calmed me down immediately with her knowledge and kindness.  I have nothing but good things to say about her.  I had no pain after my surgery and I really think I should have!


I was referred to Dr. Wood by a friend who had a gum grapht done at her office. She told me she had a great experience and no pain, which was my biggest fear and why I put off taking care of my teeth for years. Bottom line I had 2 gum graphts done by her. She was gentle and helped me through my fears. The office is high tech and the technology helped explain my problem to me so that I could see what I had to do. There was a family feel to the place. Hopefully I don't need any more graphts but I would go back if I had to.   


I had two, long gum procedures.  I found the experience to be great from the professional and friendly staff, to Dr. Wood's professionalism and skill.  It made what could have been a horrific experience as pleasurable as it can be.  I would highly recommend Dr Wood and her staff.  I I ever have to have this type of work done again, I would go back without hesitation. Trust me, you will be in good hands with someone who cares.


I had an implant done.  I never thought it would be that easy.  I went to work right after and nobody at work even knew.  Dr Wood was great!  She is definitely a pain free doctor=o)



I had my wisdom teeth pulled.  Quick and painless!!  I recommend Dr. Wood to any dental chickens!                                                                                                                    Jared


I was referred to Dr. Wood by my dentist that I love and trust.   I must admit I was very nervous and anxious.  After meeting Dr. Wood and she explained everything to me step by step, she made me feel so much better.  My surgery was a breeze and pain free.  It was so much easier than what I had expected.  I was very greatfull and even had my son's wisdom teeth taken out by her.
I would definatly recommend Dr. Wood.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Leslie S.

I had a real heart warming experience with Dr. Wood.  I had been to two other southbay periodontists and was about to give up.  They were cold and just after my insurance money.  She told me what I really needed to do and what I could do next year so that I didn't have to pay so much up front.  She was funny and sweet and honest about everything.  I was expecting to have a lot of pain but I felt nothing at all.  She is very good with the needle and I hardly felt anything during that part.  I kept waiting for the pain to kick in but it never did.  Very cool.  Her staff was really helpful and called me back every time.  I had some special problems with my insurance and I thought they would get very tired of me but they stuck with me and helped me through them.


Simply stated, Dr. Wood is outstanding. Prior to surgery, she thoroughly explained my issues and her approach to addressing them. Providing this information eased my anxiety and replaced it with the comfort of knowing I was in good hands. I think she is great. Thank you  Dr.Wood.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Silvia


I was extremely nervous about getting this procedure done but Dr. Woods made the entire experience as easy as possible. I was very happy with the office staff and how attentive they were with me.                                                                                                                         Corey


Dr. Wood makes sure to ask you questions and finds out what is important to you.  She makes sure to answer all the questions that you will have.  She goes above and beyond the reason that you went there.                                                                                                                        Marion